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On Wednesday, January 25, 2012, in Recent, Tibet In The News, by Todd Stein

Premarin For Sale, This month has seen the tragic recurrence of self-immolation in Tibet, as four Tibetans set themselves on fire. Premarin pictures, (See our fact sheet on the individuals and a map of the locations.)

As for their motivations, no foreign or independent entity has been able to interview the survivors to hear their story, Premarin duration. Buy cheap Premarin, The Chinese authorities have not denied reports regarding what the individuals have shouted as they set fire to themselves, which were along the lines of the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet and freedom for Tibet, buy Premarin without a prescription. Online Premarin without a prescription, In November, Kirti Rinpoche testified to Congress about the self-immolators, order Premarin no prescription, Premarin overnight, “They want their appeal heard by peace-loving governments and people around the world, including world leaders and human rights organizations, Premarin results, Premarin pics, so that they could appeal to China to stop oppression in Tibet.”

ICT has consistently asked governments around the world to speak out on the self-immolation tragedy. Many have (see our list and see below), generic Premarin. We argue that governments speaking out will let Tibetans inside Tibet know that the world is hearing their plea, Premarin For Sale. Premarin wiki, This, we hope, ordering Premarin online, Purchase Premarin online, will discourage further acts. Early on, kjøpe Premarin på nett, köpa Premarin online, Premarin photos, we were sometimes asked whether speaking out would encourage more self-immolations, but we haven’t heard this concern lately, discount Premarin. Is Premarin addictive,

The timeline below juxtaposes the dates of the acts of self-immolation and statements on them from various governments. I defer to others who may want to debate any correlation between the two, Premarin alternatives. Online buy Premarin without a prescription, Recent reports of protests in relation to past or potential self-immolations raise the specter of an escalation and broadening of the crisis, including Monday's report that three Tibetans may have been shot by Chinese security forces, Premarin used for. Order Premarin from United States pharmacy, We hope that governments around the world will not only respond through further statements, but also by directly engaging their Chinese counterparts to urge a withdrawal of the disproportionate security response in places like Ngaba and Draggo, Premarin no prescription, Is Premarin safe, as well as a re-thinking of underlying policies that feed resentment.


Tibetan self-immolations and governmental statements on them 2011-2012
Tibetan Self-Immolations    Government Statements

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  2. […] at the end of September, just after Lobsang Kunchok and Lobsang Kelsang were the third and fourth Tibetans to self-immolate in 2011, just as the first horrific images of […]

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  4. Annie Eichenholz says:

    My local newspaper (The Press Democrat in Santa Rosa, CA) has run short articles on the last 2 self-immolations, the most recent one running today, Sunday, Feb. 12. The numbers they reported are smaller than the numbers I’m seeing in ICT reports. They’re reporting attempts to reach Chinese government officials that maintain they do not know about these events. Today’s report included the government official denying knowledge of it, then abruptly hanging up. While I think it’s very good that the public is getting the news of these sad methods of calling attention to the Tibetan plight, I’m not seeing any particular news service credited with the information they print, so with the discrepancy in numbers, I’d like to see more accuracy in general print media information.

  5. […] at the end of September, just after Lobsang Kunchok and Lobsang Kelsang were the third and fourth Tibetans to self-immolate in 2010, just as the first horrific images of […]

  6. world clock says:

    A timeline of Tibet self-immolations and government reactions to them – just great!

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