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On Wednesday, April 3, 2013, in Culture & History, by John N

Toradol For Sale, Serf Liberation Day was observed for the fifth time on March 28, 2013, following its creation by Chinese authorities in 2009. Toradol without prescription, By setting aside a special day to repeat ad nauseam their claims about the horrors of “old Tibet” and the wonders of Communist Party rule, the Party gets a chance to pat itself on the back while simultaneously castigating the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government, Toradol forum. Toradol dosage, The March date for Serf Liberation Day was chosen to counter the annual commemorations of the failed March 10, 1959 Tibetan Uprising, what is Toradol, Toradol over the counter, after which Chinese forces overran Lhasa and established direct control over Tibet on March 28, 1959, Toradol price. Toradol from canada, Even the specific year of its creation was probably no accident: at the time the government was busy trying to restore a narrative about widespread Tibetan appreciation of Chinese benevolence one year after the 2008 Tibetan Uprising had shattered this myth. Serf Liberation Day must have been the best they could come up with, and every year since then there have been carefully choreographed events in Lhasa and articles in Chinese newspapers featuring beaming Tibetan elders thanking the Party for their freedom, buy Toradol no prescription. Comprar en línea Toradol, comprar Toradol baratos, ICT released a briefing paper which debunked the main claims underlying Serf Liberation Day, and Tibetan writer Tsering Shakya masterfully skewered the proceedings:

“In an authoritarian regime, order Toradol from United States pharmacy, Get Toradol, the failure of a client administration leaves performance as one of the few options available. It is natural then that authoritarian regimes have a love of public displays of spectacle, engineered to perfection, effects of Toradol, Toradol mg, in which the people are required to perform ceremonial displays of contentment.”

The number of Xinhua crews photographing Tibetans singing and dancing in their chubas or sitting in crowds listening to speeches would testify to the intent of creating a spectacle. But the decision to make this into an annual event may have been the wrong one, as what could have been a one-time stunt after the 2008 Tibetan Uprising still lives on five years later. There has never been any evidence that this day resonates with the Tibetan public nor that they agree with the message it was created to promote, and now even the authorities that created it seem to be losing interest.  The main flag-raising ceremony in Lhasa each year has been a focal point for official efforts to promote Serf Liberation Day, and the decline of this desultory holiday is clear when you look at the numbers of attendees:

Far from flourishing, the number of attendees dropped to less than a quarter of the initial number after just one year and has remained there ever since. The need for a spectacle may have lessened as 2008 receded into the past, or perhaps the meaninglessness of forcing Tibetans to appear grateful grew more apparent, Toradol For Sale. Even these modest numbers are dependent on mandatory attendance; an article on Serf Liberation Day 2011 admitted that 800 of the attendees were students pulled from a local middle school, purchase Toradol online no prescription. Purchase Toradol for sale, These numbers confirm the lack of genuine Tibetan enthusiasm for Serf Liberation Day. The size of the manufactured crowd for last week’s Serf Liberation Day in bustling Lhasa was dwarfed by the tens of thousands who willingly gathered at Labrang monastery in tiny Sangchu to celebrate the Tibetan New Year in February. Even recent events banned under Chinese law have had higher turnouts. The Central Tibetan Administration reported that 4,000 residents of remote Dzamthang County came together to pay their respects to Kalkyi, Toradol treatment, Toradol description, a Tibetan woman who self-immolated on March 24. They did so despite the harsh punishments which have been handed out to people showing solidarity with self-immolators recently, which makes it especially telling that they should outnumber the 3, is Toradol safe, Where to buy Toradol, 000 who were rounded up to mark Serf Liberation Day in Lhasa.

This isn’t the first time Chinese authorities have been embarrassed by one of their own propaganda creations. The Confucius Peace Prize appeared in December 2010, Toradol interactions, Toradol for sale, just two months after Chinese human rights activist Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The first Confucius Peace Prize winner, purchase Toradol, Australia, uk, us, usa, Taiwanese politician Lien Chan, didn’t care to claim the award, online buy Toradol without a prescription, About Toradol, and the second winner was Vladimir Putin. Neither Serf Liberation Day nor the Confucius Peace Prize have been able to shift attention away from the problems in China they were created to conceal, order Toradol no prescription, Kjøpe Toradol på nett, köpa Toradol online, and the Confucius Peace Prize has been dogged by rumors that it will be discontinued. Will the authorities have the sense to bring Serf Liberation Day to a close as well, low dose Toradol. Online buying Toradol. Real brand Toradol online. Toradol overnight. Toradol used for. Toradol brand name. Toradol blogs. Toradol steet value. Toradol price, coupon. Where can i cheapest Toradol online. Toradol australia, uk, us, usa. Toradol photos. Where can i buy Toradol online.

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On Monday, March 25, 2013, in Advocacy, by Joaquim Pena

[caption id="attachment_4741" align="aligncenter" width="565" caption="Participants to the Tibetan Lobby Day with Ven Kirti Rinpoche and MEP Thomas Mann at the end of a meeting of the Tibet Intergroup at the European Parliament (7 March 2013)."]Participants to the Tibetan Lobby Day with Ven Kirti Rinpoche Lasix For Sale, [/caption]

Following a successful experience in 2012, ICT Brussels decided to do a second edition of the Tibet Lobby Day. Like last year the activities were held in March, Lasix samples. Buy Lasix online cod, The event, which lasted for three days, buy Lasix from canada, Rx free Lasix, coincided not only with the coming of H.E Kirti Rinpoche to the "European capital" but also with the European Solidarity Rally for Tibet which took place on March the 10th.

In its 2013 edition more than ten Tibetans joined from several EU and non-EU European countries, Lasix street price. Buy Lasix without a prescription, EU countries included Sweden, France, Lasix natural, After Lasix, the Netherlands, Hungary and the United Kingdom and non-EU countries were Norway and Switzerland, cheap Lasix. Lobbyists included Presidents of different Tibetan Communities, students as well as Chungdak Koren, member of Tibetan Parliament in Exile, who came from Norway, Lasix For Sale. Buy Lasix from mexico, On March the 6th a training day took place at ICT’s office in Brussels. ICT hosted the lobbyists at our headquarters here in Brussels, Lasix without a prescription. Buy Lasix online no prescription, They had the opportunity of receiving practical tools by experts of NGOs like Amnesty International or International Federation for Human Rights. A detailed inside view of advocacy in European politics was shared by an assistant of a Member of European Parliament, Lasix results. Lasix For Sale, Training also included the participation of academics that provided those who attended with more theoretical advice, namely on improving communication and how to successfully convey a given message. Lasix duration, For the following two days – the 7th and the 8th – a quite intensive agenda included a series of almost twenty meetings in the European Parliament, with MEPs or staff members belonging to different political groups, Lasix dangers. Buy generic Lasix, By and large, self-immolations were the crucial topic on the table during the meetings, Lasix wiki, Buy no prescription Lasix online, while they did not necessarily consume the whole of the interaction with representatives. Among the main requests presented was the need of assessing the real situation in Tibet by means of a fact-finding mission and open doors to foreign and independent press on the terrain itself, online Lasix without a prescription. Lasix images, Another recurrent ask was the appointment of an EU Special Coordinator for Tibet, a request already mentioned in several EP resolutions on Tibet - including one adopted in 2012 - but which still waits to see the light of day, Lasix class. Order Lasix from mexican pharmacy, Time and again, lobbyists insisted on the role the EU can and must play to address the grievances of Tibetans in Tibet, Lasix over the counter. Buy Lasix no prescription, The meetings were also the perfect occasion to deepen collaboration with some of the more active actors on Tibet issues inside the only democratically elected institution of the EU. To this regard it warms the heart to see that representatives continue showing real concern about the current state of affairs inside Tibet, Lasix no rx. Lasix wiki, Exchanges of views between all participants have indeed been very fruitful and have helped give shape to very concrete ideas for future advocacy action with the European institutions. Lasix dosage. My Lasix experience. Purchase Lasix. Doses Lasix work. Lasix steet value. Low dose Lasix. Rx free Lasix. Ordering Lasix online. Lasix alternatives. Herbal Lasix. Is Lasix addictive. Cheap Lasix no rx. Buy Lasix online no prescription. Lasix forum.

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On Friday, March 22, 2013, in China, Self-Immolation, by John N

[caption id="attachment_4736" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Archived broadcasts are available on VOA's YouTube page."]VOA Buy Zovirax Without Prescription, [/caption]The anniversary of the February 27, 2009, self-immolation of a monk named Tapey passed almost a month ago, marking four years since the start of the self-immolation protests in Tibet. Buy cheap Zovirax no rx, While Chinese authorities have remained consistently deaf to the pleas of the self-immolators, their strategies for dealing with the protests have changed over time.  Recently a new phase has begun, where can i buy cheapest Zovirax online, Comprar en línea Zovirax, comprar Zovirax baratos, with lengthy jail sentences handed out to growing numbers of Tibetans and intensified propaganda attacks against the Dalai Lama, foreign governments, Zovirax used for, Zovirax coupon, international media, and Tibet advocacy organizations, is Zovirax safe. Zovirax price, One particular target of official Chinese ire has been Voice of America (VOA) which, since 1990, Zovirax description, Zovirax pictures, has broadcast “accurate, objective, Zovirax dose, Order Zovirax online c.o.d, and comprehensive” news into Tibet, according to its mandate, buying Zovirax online over the counter. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, VOA’s Tibetan-language broadcasts are frequently cited by Tibetans as their only alternative to state-controlled media, providing them precious access to their fellow Tibetans and to the global community through news stories that are not covered in China, Zovirax pics. Zovirax photos, A recent China Daily article portrays VOA as a lead cause of the Tibetan self-immolation protests, describing VOA as a “stage” for the “instigators” of the self-immolations, get Zovirax, Where can i find Zovirax online, an “evil hand,” and an “unseen killer” of Tibetans, Zovirax duration. The article accuses VOA of “committing crimes” against the Chinese people in general and the Tibetan people in particular who it describes as “poisoned” by watching or listening to VOA broadcasts, Buy Zovirax Without Prescription. Order Zovirax no prescription, These are serious charges given that VOA is fully funded by the United States Government, but the evidence brought forth in their support is decidedly unserious. China Daily veers into conspiracy theory territory when it alleges that the 2008 Tibetan uprising was coordinated by VOA by broadcasting secret messages to Tibetan listeners instructing them to “rise up” and “break, purchase Zovirax for sale, Order Zovirax online overnight delivery no prescription, smash, rob, generic Zovirax, Where to buy Zovirax, and burn” Lhasa. If there were the slightest bit of truth to these charges it would be easy for Beijing to corroborate them by providing evidence; VOA broadcasts are archived online and can be viewed on YouTube, Zovirax mg. Kjøpe Zovirax på nett, köpa Zovirax online, Unremarkably, no substantiation of China Daily’s claims has been given, Zovirax online cod, Zovirax without a prescription, nor has there been evidence produced to support other official accusations that the self-immolations are being inspired or influenced from outside Tibet. Pema Thrinley, real brand Zovirax online, Where can i buy Zovirax online, Chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region People’s Congress, recently claimed that Beijing has evidence of the Dalai Lama’s involvement with the self-immolations but also added the caveat that it was “inconvenient” to share it, Zovirax price, coupon. Buy Zovirax Without Prescription, Another component of attacks against VOA is that its breaking coverage of the Tibetan self-immolation proves its complicity in the protests themselves – not only a spurious claim but a revealing insight into how news is officially managed in China. Where can i order Zovirax without prescription, The VOA Tibetan service is a professional operation with an obviously greater focus on Tibetan issues than other international news agencies have. It stands to reason that they should frequently be the first to break stories about current events in Tibet, online buy Zovirax without a prescription. About Zovirax, Actually, if simply reporting on an event first is evidence of having caused it, canada, mexico, india, Zovirax natural, Xinhua has some explaining to do.  Xinhua congratulated itself for having been the first news organization to announce the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003, beating other agencies by some 10 seconds, discount Zovirax. Buy Zovirax online cod, Is it then appropriate to condemn Xinhua as the instigator and invisible killer behind the Iraq War, or is covering the news the primary function of a news agency, Zovirax canada, mexico, india. Coverage does not equate to causation, Buy Zovirax Without Prescription. Buy cheap Zovirax, Song Ying, a researcher from the Beijing Foreign Studies University, Zovirax blogs, is quoted in the China Daily article voicing an argument that seems to reveal the real problem Beijing has with VOA. She cites a broadcast from February 2013 in which “quotes in a VOA report were all directly taken from activists, and didn’t consider the Chinese government’s stance on this matter.”  This gets more to the heart of the matter than the tinfoil hat claims about coded secret messages and arranging self-immolations. The Communist Party still considers propagandizing to be the primary duty of journalists.

But there is another more vulnerable target for official wrath. Now that increasing numbers of Tibetans are able to take pictures on their phones and contact international news organizations through the internet, there will certainly be more challenges to the official party line. Clear and strongly-voiced international criticism of unsubstantiated official attacks against VOA and the Dalai Lama could interject some caution in Beijing when it goes after its own citizens.

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On Tuesday, March 19, 2013, in China, Tibetan Politics, by Bhuchung K. Tsering

Acomplia For Sale, The appointment of Jampa Phuntsok (Ch: Qiangba Puncog) as a Vice Chair of the National People’s Congress on March 14, 2013, completes an interesting development in the regional representation in the top Tibetan leadership in Lhasa.  This new development could be said to have begun when Pema Thinley (Ch: Padma Choling) assumed the Governorship of the Tibet Autonomous Region in 2010; it is now the Chamdowas, the people from Chamdo (Ch: Qamdo) in Eastern Tibet, who hold all the highest Tibetan leadership positions in Lhasa and Beijing.

Earlier this year, buy Acomplia from mexico, Purchase Acomplia online, we had Pema Thinley becoming the Chairman of the TAR People’s Congress; Phakpalha Gelek Namgyal (Ch: Pagbalha Geleg Namgyai) was reappointed as head of the TAR PPCC; and Lobsang Gyaltsen (Ch: Losang Jamcan) has become the new Governor of the TAR. Except for the top position of the Party Secretary, australia, uk, us, usa, Acomplia samples, which continues to be in the hands of a non-Tibetan, these three positions are the highest in the region, Acomplia from canada. Acomplia long term, All three individuals holding the positions are from present-day Chamdo Prefecture (Technically, Phakpalha was born in Lithang, Acomplia from mexico, What is Acomplia, but he is the recognized lama of Jampaling Monastery in Chamdo and is popularly known as Chamdo Phakpalha. Similarly Lobsang Gyaltsen was born in Dagyab, where can i cheapest Acomplia online, Online buying Acomplia hcl, which is also in present-day Chamdo Prefecture).  At the national level, Jampa Phuntsok has become the highest rank Tibetan official now and he is also from Chamdo, Acomplia trusted pharmacy reviews.

The fact that they are all from Chamdo region could be coincidental, but if we look at popular perception of Tibetan history in modern times we see that there have been periods when elites from a particular area dominated the leadership positions in Lhasa, Acomplia For Sale. Acomplia brand name, In the early years it was the Bapas, the people from Bathang in Eastern Tibet (now in Sichuan Province) who were dominant, buy Acomplia without prescription. Acomplia treatment, The names of Tibetan officials from the region, who had influential positions in Lhasa, buy generic Acomplia, Buy Acomplia without a prescription, include Phuntsok Wangyal, Lobsang Tsultrim, buy no prescription Acomplia online, Effects of Acomplia, Gyaltsen Norbu, Kelsang Namgyal, Acomplia gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Fast shipping Acomplia, etc. Thereafter, Acomplia results, Buy Acomplia from canada, came a period when Horpas, people from the northern region of Nakchu, Acomplia interactions, Acomplia use, assumed powerful positions.  Among them was Ragdi and Tenzin, who were both deputies of the TAR Party Committee and had senior government positions, Acomplia cost. Acomplia schedule, As an aside, during the visit of the envoys of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Lhasa in 2002 at one time, Acomplia street price, Acomplia no prescription, Ragdi talked about the two golden Yak statues in Lhasa and jokingly said that the people say that he is one of them.  The Yaks are facing opposite directions and the street talk is that they represent Ragdi and Tenzin, and Ragdi is asking Tenzin whether there are any more people from Nakchu that they could put in position in the government and Tenzin is looking back to see if there are any, Acomplia dangers, Acomplia reviews, or something like that. Acomplia For Sale, In any case, at that time people believed that those from Nakchu were the influential ones.

There were periods when people from Amdo and Tsang have held senior positions in Lhasa, Acomplia for sale, No prescription Acomplia online, but these did not seem to have created any popular impression of domination by a region, like the way the officials from Nakchu or Bathang have done, Acomplia without prescription. Order Acomplia from United States pharmacy, While the regional representation issue may not mean anything, there is one thing that can be said about the authority of the Tibetan leaders.  Although it is clear that they cannot, Acomplia maximum dosage, Acomplia pharmacy, do not, and will not dare to touch any political issue that is deemed sensitive, cheap Acomplia, Acomplia from canadian pharmacy, they do have considerable say in such fields as allocation of resources, whether in the education or health sector, purchase Acomplia online no prescription, Acomplia recreational, and other social welfare activities.  In the past, some of the Tibetan leaders have had an impact in these fields while others have steered clear of even such authority, most probably for fear of negatively impacting their career.

Even though Tibetans in Tibet today do not have the space to speak out their minds about the leaders, they do maintain a mental history of who has been good and who has been bad, particularly among Tibetan leaders.  Tibetans understand the limitation of the situation and within that they know who have been generally good. That historical judgment is being partly passed by word of mouth and is part of the legacy of these individuals.

It only remains for us to see how the Chamdowas at the helm of affairs in Lhasa will administer the Tibetan people. Could they be different.

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