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On Friday, March 1, 2013, in Culture & History, General Commentary, by Bhuchung K. Tsering

Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale, On March 1, 2013, Catholics throughout the world started the day with a new experience, one that none of them had experienced in their lifetime; being without their spiritual leader the Pope, not because he had passed away, but because he had undertaken the papal version of the royal abdication. The Tibetan people had somewhat similar yet different kind of experience in 2011, Hydrochlorothiazide pics. Buy Hydrochlorothiazide from mexico, While the Pope resigned from his spiritual duties now, the Dalai Lama had withdrawn himself from his temporal authorities then, real brand Hydrochlorothiazide online. Buy Hydrochlorothiazide online no prescription, As the process begins for the search and election of a new Pope, among those watching the development closely will be the government of the People’s Republic of China, Hydrochlorothiazide cost. Get Hydrochlorothiazide, One of the unresolved religious issue in China today is the status of its estimated 12 million Catholics, which is having political and cultural implications, buy no prescription Hydrochlorothiazide online. The Communist Government of China, despite being atheists, has been wanting to control the affairs of the Catholics and in the process giving them the false choice of obeying either the Vatican or Beijing on matters relating to their spiritual affairs, Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale. Comprar en línea Hydrochlorothiazide, comprar Hydrochlorothiazide baratos, The Chinese Government has come out with different initiatives codifying the Church, creating in the process virtually two Catholic churches in China; the government-approved one and the underground one that has been showing its resilience for the past many years, Hydrochlorothiazide price, coupon. Fast shipping Hydrochlorothiazide, The issue is further complicated by the fact that the Vatican has diplomatic relations with Taiwan and not with China.

The Vatican’s ties with China will be one of the issues confronting the new Pope, Hydrochlorothiazide over the counter, Effects of Hydrochlorothiazide, just as it was with previous Popes. In fact, Hydrochlorothiazide street price, Hydrochlorothiazide dose, there are reports saying that one of the ardent wishes of Pope John Paul II had been to “set foot on Chinese soil, kiss the ground and personally embrace the Chinese people.” Observers had also expected Pope Benedict XVI to make progress on ties with China, where can i buy Hydrochlorothiazide online. Hydrochlorothiazide For Sale, Pope Benedict XVI had even created a special Commission tasked to help the Vatican examine the issue of relationship with China. Is Hydrochlorothiazide addictive, Over the years, both the Vatican and China have sent feelers to each other in their effort to test the situation for improvement of their relations, Hydrochlorothiazide steet value. Hydrochlorothiazide no rx, But there have been no concrete outcomes.

As we await the new Holy Father, online Hydrochlorothiazide without a prescription, Buy generic Hydrochlorothiazide, it might be worthwhile for the Vatican to look at the ongoing challenge the Tibetan Buddhists are facing in their relations with China to get an indication of whether there are any chances for a forward movement.

The Chinese authorities have been implementing a policy on Tibetan Buddhists, my Hydrochlorothiazide experience, Hydrochlorothiazide reviews, very much similar to the one on the Catholics, to either choose their spiritual tradition and leader, buying Hydrochlorothiazide online over the counter, Rx free Hydrochlorothiazide, the Dalai Lama, or conform with Chinese government-approved procedures, online buying Hydrochlorothiazide. Order Hydrochlorothiazide no prescription, As long as this mindset is not changed there cannot be any progress.

Secondly, Hydrochlorothiazide pictures, Hydrochlorothiazide for sale, the Chinese authorities seem to have decided that the very existence of a religious tradition that is independent of political leaders in Beijing is a threat to the survival of the Chinese Communist Party. Therefore, where can i find Hydrochlorothiazide online, Hydrochlorothiazide without prescription, even if individual Catholics, Tibetan Buddhists or similar religious practitioners enjoy slight freedom, is Hydrochlorothiazide safe, Hydrochlorothiazide blogs, as long as Beijing does not change its belief that religious traditions are by themselves a threat one cannot expect progress.

When asked how the current impasse could be broken, order Hydrochlorothiazide online overnight delivery no prescription, Hydrochlorothiazide wiki, a Vatican Spokesman told China’s Global Times, “By good will and mutual trust.” While these will certainly lead to building confidence, Hydrochlorothiazide description, Order Hydrochlorothiazide from mexican pharmacy, the solution might be closer to what a Chinese scholar, Wang Meixiu, buy Hydrochlorothiazide online cod, Hydrochlorothiazide used for, told the same Chinese newspaper: “It boils down to how the government views and treats religious groups.”

Will the authorities in Beijing have the political will and courage to change their attitude towards religion. Hydrochlorothiazide trusted pharmacy reviews. Doses Hydrochlorothiazide work.

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On Friday, February 15, 2013, in Recent, Self-Immolation, by Todd Stein

[caption id="attachment_4707" align="alignright" width="300" caption="25-year old monk called Drongchen Tsering (or Drongtse) who recently arrived in Nepal from Tibet self-immolated in Kathmandu on February 13."]Drongchen Tsering Buy Biaxin Without Prescription, [/caption]Since Wednesday, the news has focused in the 100th self-immolation by a Tibetan inside Tibet (and there are reports of a 101st). But what brought me more anxiety and worry was the news on the same day that a Tibetan monk had set himself on fire in Kathmandu, Biaxin mg, Biaxin gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Nepal.

I tend not to focus on the number, low dose Biaxin. Biaxin alternatives, Each individual act is sad. The 100th Tibetan to burn him or herself is no less tragic than the 99th, Biaxin online cod, Purchase Biaxin online no prescription, or the first. Our attention must focus on the messages they are sending, the counter-productive Chinese reaction, and the international community’s response, Buy Biaxin Without Prescription.

Why do I find myself more affected, Biaxin forum, Biaxin samples, at this moment, by the incident in Kathmandu, Biaxin overnight, What is Biaxin, where a 25-year old monk reportedly named Drongchen Tsering burned himself on February 13. He subsequently died of his injuries the next day, kjøpe Biaxin på nett, köpa Biaxin online. Buy Biaxin no prescription, On an emotional level, it may be because I know this place, buy Biaxin without prescription. Biaxin canada, mexico, india, The act occurred at the Buddhist stupa (shrine) at the center of the Boudhanath neighborhood in the eastern part of Kathmandu. Buy Biaxin Without Prescription, From the pictures, it appeared to be on the southwest side of the circular plaza surrounding the stupa. I have been at that exact spot many times, Biaxin price, Biaxin pharmacy, most recently last November. Unlike with a self-immolations in Ngaba or Rebkong, ordering Biaxin online, Biaxin photos, I have a personal connection to this location and people there.

On a professional level, buy cheap Biaxin no rx, Order Biaxin from United States pharmacy, I worry that the negative marginal consequences for the Tibetan population in Nepal are greater than those faced by those in towns on the Tibetan plateau. I do not mean to minimize the struggle faced by Tibetans under Chinese rule, Biaxin recreational, Online buying Biaxin hcl, who have faced increased militarization of their towns, repressive measures and economic marginalization, herbal Biaxin. But arguably, the Tibetan refugees in Nepal have relatively more to lose if this self-immolation precipitated a further downgrade in their conditions following Chinese pressure, Buy Biaxin Without Prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, As documented in ICT’s annual report on Tibetan refugees in Nepal, this population is increasingly vulnerable and at risk due to the Chinese authorities’ more entrenched and systematic approach to constraining the Tibetan community in Nepal, Biaxin from mexico. Biaxin from canadian pharmacy, Thousands of the 20,000 Tibetans residing in Nepal lack papers, taking Biaxin, After Biaxin, meaning they do no have a legal right to work, own property or get an education for their children, Biaxin coupon. Australia, uk, us, usa, The severely dysfunctional Nepalese government has not acted to solve this problem.

The Chinese government sees the Tibetans in Nepal as a source of agitation for Tibetans inside Tibet and a mouthpiece for what they call “splittism.” As a result, cheap Biaxin no rx, Where to buy Biaxin, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has put immense pressure on Nepal’s government to clamp down on what it calls “anti-China activities,” which encompass any public remonstration on Tibet within Nepal, Biaxin from canada. Buy Biaxin Without Prescription, Past may be prologue here. Biaxin use, In response to the 2008 uprising on the Tibetan plateau, Tibetans in Nepal reacted with understandable and sympathetic outrage against Chinese policies, Biaxin interactions, Biaxin australia, uk, us, usa, holding demonstrations in front of the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. The result was a series of detentions of Tibetans by Nepalese police, purchase Biaxin online, Discount Biaxin, under pressure from the Chinese Embassy. While the Tibetans were exercising their right to free speech, about Biaxin, Buy cheap Biaxin, the reality that many of the protestors lacked legal standing in Nepal increased their vulnerability.

Over time, the protests faded as the Tibetan community came to understand that the risks outweighed whatever benefits they derived from demonstrating. Since 2008, Chinese interference has only made things worse for the Tibetan population, Buy Biaxin Without Prescription. Tibetans cannot freely assemble in public with raising suspicions. Surveillance of them has increased. Leaders are visited by the police. Local elections have been blocked. Buy Biaxin Without Prescription, I fear that the self-immolation by Drongchen Tsering may make things worse. So far, there appears to be restraint on the part of the Nepalese authorities, which is encouraging. Hopefully, they recognize this as an isolated act by an individual (who was a recent arrival from Tibet, not a long-staying resident). But we must anticipate that Chinese officials there, needing to prove their mettle to their bosses in Beijing, will not stand idle. We can expect them to claim that this act was orchestrated by the “Dalai Clique,” as was suggested in the initial Xinhua report, and to ask for their pound of flesh from the Nepalese government. The role of the foreign embassies, especially the U.S., will be key here, in trying to maintain perspective and dissuade any rash reaction, Buy Biaxin Without Prescription.

We must remember that the underlying problem here is not with the Nepal government, it is the Chinese government and its failure to properly address the grievances of the Tibetan people. The difficulties for Tibetans in Nepal can be traced to the Chinese exporting their counter-productive Tibet policies into a neighboring country. The February 13 incident must be looked at through this lens, and the attitude of Tibetans, both inside and outside Tibet, has to be analyzed in terms of the Chinese government’s behaviors.

The Boudha self-immolation offers a challenge to the Tibetans. Buy Biaxin Without Prescription, How will the local Tibetan community in Kathmandu react. Will the Tibetan exile leadership in Dharamsala speak out. We would expect them to discourage acts of self-immolation, as they have done for the 100 or so inside Tibet. But Tibetans setting themselves on fire outside of Tibet is harder to explain as willful acts of defiance or resistance to Chinese rule. True, Drongchen Tsering lived in Tibet until very recently. But once he left the stifling environment of Tibet under Chinese rule, it cannot be said that he had no way of expressing himself but to set himself on fire.

Let us hope this was an isolated and singular act of self-immolation, and doesn’t portend a larger trend. And let us hope that cooler heads prevail, and that Tibetans in Nepal are not subject to further restrictions and vitriol from the Chinese. Lastly, let’s wish that Nepalese politicians can finally break their logjam and get back on the path of constitutional reform, to create the opportunity for a process to provide legal standing for the long-staying Tibetan residents of Nepal.

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Buy Diflucan Without Prescription

On Thursday, February 14, 2013, in Culture & History, by Rinchen Tashi

Co-author Tencho Gyatso Buy Diflucan Without Prescription, Recently a Chinese mini-series called "Tibet's Secret" has been creating much furor amongst Tibetan circles everywhere, in its lies and distortion of Tibetan history and society. Cheap Diflucan, In direct response to this mini-series, the "Sheep Dung" music band created and posted this rap music video called "Respect" on Weibo from where it was deleted within the hour, Diflucan results. Where can i buy cheapest Diflucan online, Posted below is a brief description of the film and a transcript of the words of the rap-song which is now available on YouTube.

A brief description of the Chinese mini-series "Tibet's Secret"

The Chinese government spend an extraordinary amount of money to make a 50 episode mini-series called "Tibet's Secret." This was screened by CCTV over these past few months and recently completely posted online on youtube, Diflucan dosage. Order Diflucan online c.o.d, The series was quoted to be "one of the best mini-series based on historical facts."

The series is set in Tibet from 1930's to 1950's and is based on a Tibetan Nobel family and some high ranking officials. It depicts Tibetans from noble families, monks, high lamas as evil people and Tibet as a society divided between upper class and serfs, where the upper class can randomly kill the serfs and destroy their lives, Buy Diflucan Without Prescription. The Nobles and officials are categorized into two types - one is anti-China and the other pro-China, canada, mexico, india. Purchase Diflucan, The officials and religious figures who are pro-China are good hearted, long sighted, Diflucan without a prescription, Generic Diflucan, and caring for Tibetan people . they are the good guys, Diflucan dangers. Diflucan class, And the anti-China ones are the real killing machines, putting the Tibetan people into the sea of suffering while they themselves live heavenly lives, Diflucan duration. Buy Diflucan Without Prescription, Many enraged Tibetans have been calling out for the ban of this film on Chinese social media, angered by the distortions and inaccuracies depicted in this film. Diflucan no prescription, But sadly these voices have been completely ignored by the authorities and instead many Chinese people who have no knowledge of Tibetan history are applauding the film and its play write & director, Liu Debin, Diflucan images, Diflucan schedule, some calling for him to create a second series. And in response, Diflucan natural, Buy Diflucan from canada, Liu wrote on his blog, "Definitely, Diflucan maximum dosage, No prescription Diflucan online, I am going to write. Let's see where the ugly separatists are hiding!"

However there are also some Chinese scholars and intellectuals, buy cheap Diflucan no rx, Diflucan description, both in china and outside, who also criticize this film, Diflucan long term. Purchase Diflucan, Two of the Tibetan actors in this film have expressed their regret for having been part of this film.

Some sources are saying that the Chinese government and authorities of TAR have almost completed work on the translation of this movie into Tibetan, Buy Diflucan Without Prescription.

Transcript of Rap Song "Respect" by Sheep Dung

Watch the video on YouTube »


(Big red letters)

Strongly asking to ban "Tibet's Secret"

People strongly demand to ban "Tibet's Secret", buying Diflucan online over the counter, Diflucan dangers, the garbage show

(Background Photo of Film Playwright & Director Liu Debin)

(The words read)
The director is sabotaging the unity of the nationalities

(Begin Song Transcript)

Ancient melody played without ancient instrument
My soul will be saved by my faith after I die

I can not watch it any more
I felt it is enough

(Background photo of Some of the Tibetans who acted in "Tibet's Secret" - Tobgye, Tsering Dondup, Diflucan forum, Diflucan price, the three girls of Acha Tsemdup and Phurba Kyab.)

(The Tibetan words read) Traitors of Tibet.

(The Chinese words read) Traitors of Tibet, order Diflucan online overnight delivery no prescription, Diflucan reviews, the Scum who betray the nation

As you see,
His [the director] descriptions and portrayals are so ugly

First of all, Diflucan from canadian pharmacy, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, You do not respect.
It does not matter what kind of reason you may have
I can not compromise, purchase Diflucan online no prescription, Diflucan dosage, and I can not tolerate.

Who will give me the right to punish this arch-criminal
But right now I can only use my writing to show my anger
Here I present you a name, Diflucan pics. After Diflucan, IDIOT

I don't care what creative work you do
But it should be close to facts

Like the words of my song about you; that are true
I wish you could be more true; pay me back a sheet of blank paper

Finally, I use the only consciousness I have, comprar en línea Diflucan, comprar Diflucan baratos, Diflucan treatment, To wake up the primordial qualities of (Tibetan) nationality

All I want to do is just give DISS to you (*)
All I want to express is .. KEEP ON PEACE (*)

This is the man from the snow mountains
My beloved man from the snow mountains

This is the man from the land of the snow
My beloved man from the land of the snow

We are neither seeking independence, discount Diflucan, Where can i cheapest Diflucan online, nor doing something separate
We just demand respect
We don't need you to distort history and reality

Stupidity and Ignorance; Lies and Dupes;
Some fools are blinded for personal profit,
using false impression to dupe others

There is no word to say, Diflucan schedule, Fxxx you, Liu Debin
Our nation has been vilified again and again

This must be a conspiracy
And You are just the clown

Don't violate and slander Tibetan history of several thousand years
Are you not afraid of
Karma, Birth, Death, and Rebirth

We believe firmly our faith
Snow mountains shall bear witness

Don't bring your dirty mind and ugly thoughts to prove your ignorance
This is your story, Watch your way
This time, I am cursing and attacking you through my writing

This is the man from the snow mountains
My beloved man from the snow mountains

This is the man from the land of snow
My beloved man from the land of snow

Distortion of history proves you want to create a truth that is not real
To understand the nature of (Tibetan) nation, you have to learn the true history

The nation of the Land of the snow is not a crying lion

People like you who have no faith, who gave you the right to create such an ugly film

From birth, (we) carry name(s) given by the Buddha
The story of (our) ancestors still remain on (our) forehead(s)

The Epic of Gesar circulates within (our) blood vessel
The will of the people of the Land of the Snow are carved on the sword

It is shame that I have lost some parts of the traditional faith
But I have held firmly in my heart the sun that never sets
The fragrance of milk tea guides my directions

Face to face with the beautiful moon on the edge of the sky
Butter lamp,
Like the bright stars in the night sky
Sons and daughters of the Land of Snow
The lion will be rising soon

Bring your hands together
Silently recite the mantra
Go make a pilgrimage
Turn into an eagle to fly in the sky

Let us make offerings on top of the mountains
To save the civilization which could be gone soon

This is the man from the snow mountains
My beloved man from the snow mountains

This is the man from the land of snow
My beloved man from the land of snow
(End of song)

(Words on the Screen)
This song is for the entire crew of "Tibet's Secret"
Hope (we) respect each other
Build a harmonious society together

Produced by Sheep Dung

More Information
'Respect by Sheep Dung' screened on Al Jazeera TV

More on 'Respect by Sheep Dung' on High Peaks Pure Earth.

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Buy Stromectol Without Prescription

On Monday, February 11, 2013, in Culture & History, by Melissa Jimison

LosarLosar Tashi Delek! Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, Today marks the first day of the Tibetan New Year, Losar. Stromectol australia, uk, us, usa, At this time of increased tumult inside Tibet, I am especially thinking about our brave Tibetan brothers and sisters inside Tibet and the challenges they face, herbal Stromectol. Where can i buy Stromectol online, I’m thinking about families who are unable to celebrate this Losar together. I want them to feel the embrace of compassionate people outside of Tibet who care about them and stand with them, buy Stromectol without a prescription. Stromectol images, At the end of last year ICT collected messages of solidarity from Tibet supporters worldwide as part of a "Season of Solidarity." As we send Losar greetings to our Tibetan friends around the world, I wanted to share some of the messages of support, where to buy Stromectol. I hope they lift your heart as they do mine, Buy Stromectol Without Prescription. Stromectol without a prescription, Thousands of people from around the world signed our "Season of Solidarity" message, but others wrote more personalized notes, Stromectol alternatives. Buy Stromectol from canada, Some of those follow.

May the year of the Water Snake 2140 bring peace to Tibet and the Tibetan people, kjøpe Stromectol på nett, köpa Stromectol online. Stromectol cost,  

Dear people of Tibet,
I think of you every day and what you are going through, order Stromectol online c.o.d. Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, I fly the Tibetan flag over my front door because you cannot. Real brand Stromectol online, Know that we care and are trying and we will never stop telling your story and asking the world to relieve your suffering. Know that it will happen, Stromectol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Stromectol results, Most sincerely,
Gail H, buy no prescription Stromectol online, Stromectol maximum dosage, USA

Tibetan People
Tashi delek. Everyday I meditate on compassion and love for all sentient beings, where can i order Stromectol without prescription, Purchase Stromectol for sale, the people of Tibet always weight heavy in my heart though and the struggle that you ensue each day. Please know that you are in my thoughts and that I am behind you in every step you take towards peace in Tibet, Buy Stromectol Without Prescription.

Please know that you are not alone on your path to justice and peace for all the people of Tibet, where can i find Stromectol online. Stromectol samples, You have my support, my admiration, ordering Stromectol online, About Stromectol, and my solemn promise that I will not allow the plight of your people to be hidden from the world’s conscience.

I am with you, fast shipping Stromectol. Stromectol natural, The world is with you. Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, Take heart.

Most sincerely, doses Stromectol work, Stromectol duration, Brittany H.

The truth of the Tibetan situation will eventually change the minds and hearts of those who oppress you and your culture, Stromectol for sale. Stromectol recreational, Freedom will return to Tibet.

Most sincerely, Stromectol no rx, Stromectol without prescription, Steven H, California

We pray that the Chinese people will soon force their government to adopt a more humane and loving attitude toward their Tibetan brothers and sisters on this Earth, Stromectol use. Remember, Truth and Goodness always prevail in the end, so you will ultimately be victorious in spite of unimaginably horrible losses on the way to your destination, Buy Stromectol Without Prescription. Buy generic Stromectol, Most sincerely,
Devki J

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Tibet, Stromectol mg, Purchase Stromectol online, Please know that you are not alone on your path to justice and peace for all the people of Tibet.

It is always darkest before the Dawn, Stromectol class. Stromectol over the counter, Most sincerely,
Steve S, online buying Stromectol hcl. Buy Stromectol online no prescription,  

I'm deeply ashamed that the powerful of the earth are silent on Tibet's suffering. Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, But many ordinary people suffer with you, and are outraged at the situation in Tibet.

You have the support and best wishes of my entire family, Stromectol pictures. We will speak out for Tibet at every opportunity. We hope to one day visit a free Tibet and see His Holiness the Dalai Lama once again in Lhasa.

We are with you in heart and spirit. Stay strong, Buy Stromectol Without Prescription. Your compassion is a beacon for a troubled world.

All the best,
Mary C.

Things always look darkest before the dawn, so keep your chin up. Know that it is your spirit that counts and no force, nor money will ever destroy it unless you let it. Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, Most sincerely,
Mario G. C.

I feel so grateful and indebted to the Tibetan people who practiced and served Buddhism so faithfully for a thousand years. Your teachings of kindness, compassion, love, and non-violence are what the world needs most right now. I stand with you, and you have my solemn promise that I will not allow the plight of your people to be hidden from the world’s conscience.

With gratitude and in solidarity,
Flint C, Buy Stromectol Without Prescription.

I keep all of you in my thoughts every day, and deep in my heart I’m grateful for all that you are, and all that you gave us through your culture.

I’m praying for you, from Brazil, to be strong and to be free.

I am with you. The world is with you. Buy Stromectol Without Prescription, Take heart.

Most sincerely,
with best wishes and prayers,
Martha, Brazil

Please know the world's citizens are aware of your strength and determination. We stand in solidarity with all the people of Tibet as we do with the beloved Dalai Lama, who in his benevolence, has awakened us all to your plight. Prayers go daily to you in love, in petition for protection and for peaceful resolve.

You have my support and my solemn promise that I will not allow the plight of your people to be hidden from the world’s conscience.

I am with you, Buy Stromectol Without Prescription. The world is with you. Together we are One.

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